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We call it: The War Room.

The WAR Room

It’s a live, interactive market research center where you can join me and other people from around the world...

From veteran traders to beginners.

You can watch us discuss the markets.

You’ll see fellow members share their own ideas.

It’s where I give out market analysis, research and LIVE trade recommendations...

Every. Single. Day.

Since we started in May 2019... we’ve already logged well over 1,300 winning trades...

While maintaining a 76% win rate.

That’s winning on almost 8 out of every 10 trades!

My mission is simple:

To help regular, Main Street people learn how to trade like the pros...

And make a TON of money in the process.

But that’s ONLY if you join me in The War Room as soon as possible.

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You can follow me as I analyze the market and give you one to three trade recommendations every single day.

You’ve already seen how the Perfect Timing Pattern can lead to insanely fast gains...

Sometimes within minutes.

Like these top examples:

And on a Walmart play...

Members cashed in an amazing 121% gain in just one hour and 21 minutes.

You’ll also see another one of my favorite types of opportunities:

I call them Overnight Trades.

These are trades our members have used to make huge gains...

Even DOUBLING their money...


Like Dale A. did with my FedEx play.

He made one simple trade based on my analysis...

Went to sleep...

And woke up to a 396% gain by 9:35 a.m.!

Our members have had the chance to make 178% overnight on Yum Brands...

160% on First Solar (again... overnight)...

And even 292% on Snap (yep... overnight there too).

Those are the REAL returns our members have had the chance to bank since we launched in May 2019.

Bottom line:

One day in The War Room probably has more action than you’d see in most other services for an entire month...

Or maybe even a year!


I’m pumped that you are ready to join us.

Keep in mind...

Here’s everything that you’ll get as a full War Room member:

Everything you'll get: 12 Months of Trade Research and Recommendations, Alerts, Special Reports and Video Guides

Plus... all the other resources in our War Room Headquarters...

Including our “War Room Options Primer” report...

And our Options Masterclass videos.

You’ll also get our premium reports... like “Insider Strategies: How to Follow the Smart Money With Legal Insider Trading”...

Plus videos with other strategies you won’t find anywhere else...


And so much more!

With all these resources...

You’ll have everything you need to take your trades to the next level.

Of course...

You don’t have to read every manual or watch every video 10 times over.

We just want to ensure that you have all the tools in your toolkit to succeed.

Bottom line...

You’ll NEVER be alone again.

You’ll never have to decide what to do on your own...

You’ll never have to make sense of a crazy market by yourself.

My partner Karim and I, all our moderators...

And every single one of our THOUSANDS of War Room members will be with you all year long.

We’ll all be rooting for you...

Helping you achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

People just like you have already found success with us...


It’s your turn.

Just fill out the form...

And you’ll be with us ALL YEAR LONG.

Just in case you haven’t seen enough of the success our members have had thanks to The War Room...

Here are just a few more of their posts:

Bill R.

“I held Walmart, CBOE, General Motors and Microsoft through the night. I then exited for 24%, 39%, 54% and 68% in profit! That totaled up to $3,044 in less than 24 hours! Thanks, Bryan!”

Justin K.

“We’re not making money on the growth of a company, we’re making money on the movement and liquidity of its stock. Money is ALWAYS flowing, regardless of the up, down or stagnant nature of the market at that moment. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn more. Thanks to this community, big-time.

Bill L.

“Bryan has a very hot hand of late - winners just keep coming.”

Mike C.

“I watched the vets in this room execute some pretty awesome options trades today and learned a TON in less than an hour. I guarantee you won’t get to experience anything like that anywhere else. I am fairly new to trading and a total newbie to options trading, but after watching the action in The War Room today, my confidence level is up 1,000%.”

Marc B.

“Time to log off for today. But not before saying thank you to Bryan, Karim and all the folks at Monument Traders Alliance. You have definitely created something special here, and I could not be more pleased.”

Rick R.

“The beauty of The War Room, for me, is the fact that there is so much good information being shared by everyone. It’s better than a college course on trading. I’m so glad I joined this group.”


120% gain overnight on Ciena for me. Best day in The War Room!!!”


“I got out of Ciena at $6. Still 100% profit overnight.”


“I had never traded options before joining War Room. [Yet] I have now achieved a 100% return from my initial capital ($150,000 portfolio grew into over $300,000). The eight-month gain from trading has easily out earned my salary.”


“Hey... I started trading with real money in January 2020 in The War Room. My original stake of $20,000 (including wins, losses, and trading fees) ended up being $185,000 by the end of the year! I have profited more than my day job paycheck.”

James C.

“Bought Clorox at $3.40, sold at $5.60 and netted $11,000 in two days.”

Robert D.

“FedEx was good for me... Bought at $3.40... out of them this a.m. for $7.80... Made $11,520 [in one day].


“Nasdaq... $6,440.00 net profit (95% in one day) while listening to live reggae on a cruise ship with a wee dram in hand! Thanks, Bryan.”

Jock B.

“It’s time to THANK Bryan again. Last month, I rolled back into NUGT at $5.17. At month’s end, I bought 50 more at $0.85 and just sold all 60 at $3.80 for a profit of $16,529 (264%). Nice belated Easter present! THX.”

And don’t forget about my gift to you for joining the presentation today!

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With our unheard-of “Win Every Day” Performance Guarantee.

You'll have a shot at 90 winning trades in the next 90 days, or you can get evey penny of your subscription cost back.

Win Every Day Guarantee Part One:

First, I’m guaranteeing you’ll see at least 90 WINNING trade recommendations in your first 90 days as a new War Room member, according to our model portfolio...

And if I DON’T deliver...

I’ll give you a full refund on your subscription.

I’m not talking about a credit refund. I’m going to fully refund every penny you paid to get in if I fail to deliver.

But that’s not all...

Win Every Day Guarantee Part Two:

I’m going to show you a winning trade every day this year.

Here’s how it will work...

There are 252 days the market is open in a year.

And I’m guaranteeing you’ll see AT LEAST 252 winning trades by this time next year, according to our model portfolio.

If I don’t deliver...

I’m going to give you a LIFETIME subscription to The War Room...

And if you accept this phenomenal offer RIGHT NOW...

On a per-trade basis... that works out to less than $10 per winning trade.

Now, I’ve seen many other services charge $5,000 to $10,000 a year...

For a measly 52 trades... or less.

So I think promising 252 winning trades makes this a bargain.

But I’ll let you decide...

The Performance Guarantee is all yours if you act RIGHT NOW!

To start getting our trade recommendations in The War Room today, just fill out the form right now.

Or if you’d prefer to speak with someone personally...
You can call our friendly customer service team at
888.215.5311 or +1.410.864.3083.

To your success,

Bryan Bottarelli, Head Trade Tactician
Monument Traders Alliance

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