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Hey everyone... Bryan here.

If you are on this page... it can mean only one thing.

You see the huge potential of these Dark Ticker trades...

You see the value of an Inner Circle Membership...

And you are a cut above the rest.

Probably only the top 1% of those who joined our presentation today made it to this page.

And that’s by design...

We purposefully have reserved these Dark Ticker opportunities for only the best of the best.

Ryan has already made real trades... and REAL money...

51%... 49%... 165%... 100%... ALL OVERNIGHT!

So... we don’t want to lose this huge market advantage.

That’s why these special trades are not available to buy anywhere... at any price.

They are available ONLY to new Inner Circle Members.

And that’s why I’m so excited you’re about to join the highest level of membership we’ve ever offered at Monument Traders Alliance.

As a reminder... by saying “YES” today...

You’re entitled to EVERYTHING we produce...


Everything we WILL produce for the next year.

Bundle Image of everythign you get when you sign up today!

Of course...

That includes our brand-new Post-Market Profits research service... where you’ll find our Dark Ticker trades.

Here’s everything you get in Post-Market Profits:

If this past year is any indication...

You could see 35 trades in the next 12 months just on the SPY...

And perhaps 180 or more on all the major indexes.

Remember... just $5,000...

Could have generated up to $85,000 in extra income this past year alone!

That’s why you want to be part of the elite group that gets access to Post-Market Profits!


As an Inner Circle Member... you also get real-time access to ALL our recommendations in ONE place...

Exclusive Access to Our Brand-New “Command Center”

Command Center

Ever since we launched Monument Traders Alliance, our members have asked for a way to access every trade we make in one place.

Here... as an Inner Circle Member, you’ll get a live feed for ALL our trades... across ALL our publications and products.

And speaking of all our other publications...

Don’t forget everything else you get access to for FREE as an Inner Circle Member:


The War Room is a live chat room where my partner Karim and I give you market analysis and live trade recommendations − all 100% in real time.

Over five years, we’ve delivered winning picks on just about 8 out of every 10 recommendations.

The community is super tight-knit.

You can ask them questions...

And read their trade ideas...

And best of all, we all celebrate our wins together.

When we say it’s an elite community, we aren’t kidding.

We’ve had over 19,000 members from 194 countries around the world.

One of our greatest success stories is from a reader who took $20,000 and turned it into $185,000 in one year − making more from trading than from his day job.

He increased the value of his entire account by 9X!

Another member, Mohammed, did even better...

He turned a $25,000 portfolio into over $225,000...

In just four months!

And George knocked it out of the park during the worst three months of COVID...

He took $165,000 and hit peak gains of over $2.3 million!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you get as a War Room member...

Member Benefit #1: My Premarket Commentary

Every morning at 9 a.m., 30 minutes before the open, I deliver all my premarket notes to War Room members.

I break down the big macro trends I’m seeing...

As well as the companies I’m watching.

Member Benefit #2: All My Live Trade Alerts

Once 9:30 a.m. strikes...

We’re off to the races.

And the SECOND there’s a recommendation...

You IMMEDIATELY get access to it in The War Room.

I give you the ticker symbol... the trade instructions... the exact price target...

EVERYTHING you need to get into − and out of − the trade.

My members have had the chance at top gains like 53% in four minutes... 73% in 10 minutes...

And even 121% in just over an hour.

But that’s not all...

Member Benefit #3: Trade Alerts for the Busy War Room Member

WAR ROOM Trade Alerts and Benefit

With The War Room’s trade notification system...

You DO NOT have to be in front of your computer all day.

Once you opt in, we’ll send you an alert every time we make a trade recommendation...

Right to your phone or computer.

And our members love it.

Here’s just a sample of some of our happiest members’ posts:


“120% gain overnight on Ciena for me. Best day in The War Room!!!”


“I had never traded options before joining War Room. I have now achieved a 100% return from my initial capital ($150,000 portfolio grew into over $300,000). The eight-month gain from trading has easily out earned my salary.”

James C.

“Bought Clorox at $3.40, sold at $5.60 and netted $11,000 in two days.”

Jock B.

“It’s time to THANK Bryan again. Last month, I rolled back into NUGT at $5.17. At month’s end, I bought 50 more at $0.85 and just sold all 60 at $3.80 for a profit of $16,529 (264%). Nice belated Easter present! THX.”

We have literally thousands of posts like these from members.

Now... one year of The War Room retails for $7,500...

But as an Inner Circle Member... you get access to The War Room completely FREE.

And that’s not all you get...


There’s also our new streaming room, Daily Profits Live, featuring multimillionaire trader Nate Bear.

He spent years working in construction... until he decided to change his life by learning to trade.

He developed the skills necessary to take $37,000...

And generate over $2.7 MILLION in verified trading profits in just four years.

I asked him to join us and take on a very important mission.

I wanted him to start with $37,000... and try to turn it into millions all over again.

But this time, he’d be doing it LIVE in front of our members so they could follow along.

Soon after he came on board, he had one of the best trading weeks I’ve ever seen.

In June, he scored FIVE 100% winners... in a single week!

At the end of September... he had another one of his best weeks...

Going 6 for 6... all while the market was DOWN almost 1%.

And one week in October, he went 8 for 10... averaging a double-digit gain on every trade.

He’s incredible.

Best of all... he does live trainings all the time.

So not only will you get great trade recommendations...

You’ll also learn how to up your trading game.

In fact... his top members have done even better than he has on some of his trades...

Like Phil, who wrote in to say he made 450% in a few hours on Nate’s CVNA play...


“Nate thanks for the CVNA trade. Took 450% win [withing a few hours]. Happy days!”

Or Steve, who wrote this after his first 1,000% gain (it was just a five-day trade... and he closed it on the GOLF COURSE!)...


“Not to brag but becaus of Nate I was able to hit my first ever 1000% pgain after just 5 days. Closed while on the golf course yesterday.”

As an Inner Circle Member, you can tune in and watch his every trade... live and in real time.

The cost of Nate’s service individually is $5,000 per year.

But remember...

You get FREE access to Daily Profits Live when you become an Inner Circle Member.

But that’s still not all...

Because you’ll also get access to our incredible stock-scanning software: ProfitSight.


Using proprietary artificial intelligence technology...

ProfitSight scans stocks for patterns that indicate when a stock is likely to quickly move up or down.

Prior to its launch last year, we ran a backtest from January to September and analyzed over 2,300 trades...

And just look at these same-day gains:

Now, of course, no one should follow this software − or any software − blindly.

This research tool simply alerts you when a pattern shows up in a stock. You still should use your own judgment before you get in any trade.

But after seeing this amazing data, we launched ProfitSight to our members in November 2022.

Our test data showed that from January to June 2023... this tool could have helped pinpoint trades that would’ve doubled the return of the S&P.

For example, it could have alerted users to a pattern in Roku...

That one play could have gained 513% in one day.

Luminar Technologies was a potential 10-bagger...

If you’d acted on the alert when it told you a pattern had formed... you could have made a 1,086% gain in less than a day!

And Bed Bath & Beyond could have been a monster...

This software could have spotted a pattern that would have been worth over 1,300%... in a matter of hours!

Long story short, our members went absolutely crazy for ProfitSight.

Just take a look at the best reports we’ve gotten about this breakthrough trading research tool...

G.R. in KC

“Oh how I love PS! It has paid for itself about 20 times over now. In less than 2 weeks! I started with $12,500. That $12,500 is at $37,758 today.”

Terry C.

“P$ update: so far I have made 19 trades from alerts, 15 have been winners and 4 losers, that’s a 79% win rate I’ll take that any day. Has worked pretty good so far. I have been getting 5 to 7 alerts a day which is plenty to trade.”

Don W.

“First P$ update: Went live on Wed. and had 3 winners: RIVN ‘W’ for +30%, DLTR ‘W’ for +32%, and TSLA ‘W’ for +11%. Yesterday alerted to TSLA ‘M’ for +30%. Outstanding results so far. Love the software and have already paid for my lifetime membership in P$. Thanks BB!”

Stephen S.

“Got an alert on DLTR on Friday and made my first trade for a 43% same-day win!! Looking forward to many more of these.”


“I’m on a cruise ship in the Bahamas... Made 142% gain on CRWD... $6,943 in profit! To borrow Bryan’s highly scientific term... this is frickin awesome!”


“In the last two days have had 4 winners no losers.”

Bryan P.

“1st P$ trade yesterday... In yesterday... out this morning for 107% gain. Nice... thanks!”

Now... because this service uses REAL-TIME data... it isn’t cheap.

That’s why ProfitSight costs $5,000 per year.

Once again...

You get FREE access to ProfitSight as an Inner Circle Member...

Everything you get when you subscribe today!

Previously, if you’d wanted access to everything, it would have cost you $18,750 per year.

And keep in mind, that DOES NOT include Post-Market Profits... which we are NOT selling at any price.

But since you are joining as one of our first Charter Members...

You’re getting a special deal.

If you act right now and become a Charter Member...

You’ll pay just $3,997.

Bottom line...

This Inner Circle Membership is your all-access pass to everything we do...

And with our Dark Ticker trades... you’ll have a whole new perspective on trading the market...

Turn Crashing Markets...

Look... the Dark Ticker truly represents a breakthrough in trading.

To be able to predict the direction of the market at an 88% probability is game-changing.

And the chance to make these trades between 4 and 4:15... in a small corner of the market nobody knows about... is huge.

I am more excited about this than anything I’ve seen since I first started trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange 25 years ago.

And I want you to be part of this.

We’ve shown you the data...

The consistent 88% success rate... over three years... five years... even 10 years.

You’ve seen the potential gains of 166%... 111%... 155%... even 197%... overnight...

You’ve seen Ryan’s REAL trades...

And we’ve shown you how $5,000 could have generated over $85,000.

I’ll be blunt...

This is the most revolutionary trading advantage I’ve ever discovered.

This approach will completely change the way you look at the markets.

The next big down day... when everyone else is freaking out...

You’ll be excited you get to make a Dark Ticker trade at 4 p.m.

With Post-Market Profits...

You too will have the ability to turn crashing markets into overnight paydays.

The time to start using it... is right now.

Fill out the form...

And we’ll see you on the Dark Side!

November 2023

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