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There is still a sliver of time to not only protect your account... but PROFIT from the upcoming "Dot-BOMB, Part II" as a member of The War Room.

As we saw with the first dot-BOMB crash back in the 2000s...

Once these damned-to-hell tech stocks start to blow up, there will be two types of investors:

This crash will be no different, and as you’ve just seen, we’re already starting to see these massive 1,000%-plus opportunities for traders.

Savvy investors could have had an opportunity to make up to 2,664% on Matterport...

Enough to turn $1,000 into $27,640 in less than a month.

$1,000 into $27,640 in less than a month. +2,664% gain

When online tutoring company Chegg imploded, it could have given investors an opportunity to make up to 2,701% in just two months...

Enough to turn $1,000 into $28,010.

$1,000 into $28,010, +2,701% gain

And Wayfair cratered and gave savvy investors an opportunity to capture up to 3,269% in less than a month during the stock’s demise.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $33,697...

Or $10,000 into $336,970 in less than a month!

$10,000 into $336,970 in less than a month, +3,269% gain

In all three of these cases... normal investors who held on to these stocks during their declines lost a fortune.

But savvy traders who knew what to look for and executed special “Bunker Trades” had an opportunity to see 1,000%-plus gains that most investors never get to see.

As a member of The War Room, you’re going to get access to specifically recommended Bunker Trades... to help you protect yourself and prosper during the upcoming Dot-BOMB, Part II.

PLUS... today we’re GUARANTEEING that you see the chance to capture 252 profitable trades over the next year.

By joining The War Room, you are going to unlock:

All of this combined is easily a value of $12,500 per year!

But you won’t pay anywhere close to that.

When you join The War Room today, your deeply discounted membership will be...


We take our mission to provide winning plays to members of The War Room very seriously.

There are 252 trading days each year.

If we don’t send you 252 opportunities to win from our trade recommendations over the next year, per our model portfolio, we’ll upgrade your account to a lifetime membership at no additional cost!

That means if we come up short... we’ll foot your membership bill and you’ll be able to keep your War Room access without spending another penny for as long as The War Room is open!

When we’re talking about massive 1,000%-plus opportunities off of stocks that are on track to become worthless...

Exclusive access to me, Karim and the entire War Room community...

And daily trade recommendations with a 75% win rate...


Even our retail price of $7,500 is an absolute STEAL!

But as I promised...

TODAY is your opportunity to be one of the first 200 people to lock in an additional 66%-OFF discount.

If you are one of the first 200 people to take action today... you can join The War Room at just $2,500 for an entire year!

That is a $5,000 discount just for being decisive and ready to take action.


I’ve done my part, and at this point, the choice is yours.

You need to decide whether you want to watch your portfolio go up in smoke...

OR see the chance to be one of the savvy traders you hear about during every market crash who are prepared and who manage to find a way to WIN while everyone else suffers.

The War Room succeeds at finding ways to profit from the downside.

During the COVID Crash, our recommendations rose 246% in 35 days...

While the Dow dropped 23%.

Dow dropped 23%

Then in 2022, in the first two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, we completed 18 trades and won on 17 of them for a total return of 115.8%...

At a time when most investors were losing big.

One War Room member, Mark S., said:

Mark S.

“I really like it when the markets go down, because I’m making money!”

He also said he’s considering leaving his job...

Mark S.

“I see it as a very real thing to be able to replace my day-job income...”

Then there’s Mo, who wrote in:


“With this last trade in Roku today, I managed a profit of $250,000 with a starting stake of $25,000 in just four months training in The War Room.”

And Tad, who wrote us and said:


“I started in The War Room back on May 25, 2020. By February 2021 I turned $90,000 into $178,000. I almost DOUBLED my entire account in less than a year!”

Mark, Mo and Tad are just a few of the THOUSANDS of happy, successful War Room members. I hope you join us.

The choice is now yours.

I urge you with every ounce of my being to take action now and secure your 66% discount AND one-win-per-day guarantee.

I want to see you come out of this brutal stock market in better position than anyone you know.

I look forward to meeting you in The War Room.

Yours in smart speculation,

Bryan Bottarelli

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