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Dear Reader,

U.S. chip companies are rushing to put an end to China’s plot to destroy America...

And my team and I have identified the #1 mission-critical stock that’s in prime position to surge 525% thanks to the resurgence of American chip manufacturing.

This company’s equipment and services are critical to America’s plans to produce chips domestically...

It’s at the center of the production of the latest bleeding-edge 2-nanometer chips, which will soon power the world’s most important technology...

It’s crushing competitors, with 329% revenue growth since 2016...

It holds 128 patents on the critically important equipment and services that it provides...

And best of all, its stock is still dramatically undervalued...

It's an ABSOLUTE STEAL compared with similar pick-and-shovel chip stocks, which have surged as much as 41,577% over their lifetimes.

In short...

This under-the-radar stock is the ultimate way to grow your portfolio and protect it from China’s plot to destroy America...

And I believe it can help you achieve a great retirement in the process.

In fact, I’ve put my real money where my mouth is...

I’ve personally loaded up on this exact stock!

(Please note: I have a wife and three kids, and I’m counting on this stock as part of my portfolio to help me create a better life for my family!)

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Rather, our highly trained, knowledgeable and friendly Member Support Squad, based out of Baltimore, Maryland, is available for you to call or email at any time! We are here for you!

Plus... Receive 5 Bonus Urgent-Action Reports When You Join Today, Including...

Featured Report

Defeating China: The #1 U.S. Stock to Soar From 2-Nanometer Chips

Defeating China: The #1 U.S. Stock to Soar From 2-Nanometer Chips

My brand-new report reveals the little-known chip stock (ticker included!) that is poised to explode thanks to American chipmakers foiling China’s plot to destroy America.

I believe this stock could surge as much as 525% within the next 22 months and become one of the market’s biggest winners.

Bonus #1

Chip Domination Profits: My Top 6 Semiconductor Plays

Chip Domination Profits: My Top 6 Semiconductor Plays

On top of my #1 stock that will benefit from our defeat of China... I’ll also send you six additional powerful plays that could help you capitalize on the resurgence of American chipmaking.

You’ll receive one conservative play, four moderate plays and one super-speculative play that one analyst is predicting will surge 373% this year.

Bonus #2

In Case of Emergency Break Glass: The Official China Invasion Contingency Plan

In Case of Emergency Break Glass: The Official China Invasion Contingency Plan

You’ll also receive an easy-to-read emergency plan that I believe every investor should have ready in case China invades Taiwan.

In it you’ll find the top three places to protect your money WITHOUT investing in any one stock.

Bonus #3

How to Execute the Win-Both-Ways Trade Video series

How to Execute the Win-Both-Ways Trade (Training Video)

Once reserved ONLY for members of The War Room (at a retail price of more than $7,000)... my expertise on this special trade is now accessible to you. If the stock goes up... you win. And if the stock goes down... you ALSO win! It just has to move!

We’ve successfully seen top gains of 121%... 167%... and 291% within mere days from “Win-Both-Ways Trades,” so it’s no wonder this is a favorite strategy among our VIPs. Once you understand it, this might be the only type of trade you want to make going forward.

Bonus #4

The Insider Files: The Ultimate Guide to Profiting off Insider Action

The Insider Files: The Ultimate Guide to Profiting off Insider Action

I’m even going to send you a copy of one of my newest reports, which outlines one of my all-time most successful investing strategies... profiting off a certain type of insider action.

I call this strategy the “Insider’s Code,” and in 2022 it netted a total profit of 19.12% while the Nasdaq was DOWN 33.1%.

A $1,085 Value...
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But you need to act now!

As the nation’s top national security advisors and commerce experts have warned...

China’s plot to overthrow America could happen at any time...

And I don’t believe my #1 chip stock will remain such an incredible bargain for much longer.


I’m doing everything my publisher will allow me to do to get all my research into your hands before it’s too late.

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All you need to do to get started is enter your information below...

Once you set up your membership, you’ll receive an email with the reports I promised you.

And remember...

Your membership is backed by my 100% “No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee.

I’m happy to shoulder all the risk... because I’m so extremely confident that you’ll be blown away by your experience with Trade of the Day Plus!

I look forward to a profitable journey together with you.

To your wealth,

Karim Rahemtulla, Head Fundamental Tactician
Monument Traders Alliance

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